Other Stuff!

The financial and resource constraints imposed upon the NHS generally results in a reduction in spending for non-clinical activities such as practice or professional development. I can help!

I work to tight deadlines, within time scales and appreciate the importance of effective time management and prioritisation. I  plan work well in advance and anticipate potential problems, making relevant contingency plans to avoid or overcome them. I have experience of working within and managing a team and know that effective communication systems are vital to ensure good working relationships and to achieve the maximum potential both of the individual and the organisation. I have good communication and presentation skills and am able to relate well to people at all levels within an organisation in a professional manner.


Practice development

During my time as a practice development nurse, I helped staff define, develop and evaluate nursing practice, quality initiatives and other healthcare issues, working with them explore evaluation strategies for new ideas and developments.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise and derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing this utilised by others to achieve their goals. I am able to absorb and interpret information and disseminate relevant aspects to all levels of staff in an appropriate way using language and terminology that simplifies and puts into context the sometimes difficult concepts initially offered. I recognise the importance of presenting a balanced view to practitioners when interpreting and presenting policies and directives, be they local or national, and appreciate that issues may not be clearly understood the first time around, or that they may not be relevant to clinical practice, or indeed the individual practitioner at that point in time and may need to be revisited at a later date.


Other Services

I have participated in, and established continuous audit and standard setting programmes, including documentation audits, patient and staff satisfaction audits and clinical audit. I believe that it is imperative that care and practice are continually monitored and evaluated in order to achieve optimum levels of care for the patient and staff satisfaction.

I also undertake:

  • Tissue Viability service reviews (non-financial) with recommendations for service development
  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Help with NMC revalidation
  • Practice development